Elastic Universal Sofa & Cushion Cover

$34.86 $109

Please make sure that your sofa has a deep gap to secure foam sticks. SofaPrint™ covers are not suitable for sofas with a shallow gap.

  1. Measure the total distance of A-B (C-D) depending on your sofa shape and size.
  2. It is important to include the height of the armrests as the fabric tightly fits around the sofa.
  3. How to measure

  4. SofaPrint How to install sofa slipcover
  5. Bring life to your worn out sofa and give your home an upgrade with our vibrant Elastic Stretchable Sofa Covers. Easily interchangeable allowing you a brand new looking sofa anytime!

    💯100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If You Receive Your Cover And It's Not What You Expected, We Don't Want Your Money!
    😱 Fits EVERY KIND of Sofa! -We Ensure That Our Covers Fit Every Kind & Type Of Sofa! L-Shapes, Loveseats, Recliners, You Name It! If you receive a size that doesn't fit, we are 100% determined to make it right for you!

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