Beeswax Fragrant Ear Candle 10pcs (Buy 2 get 2nd at 10% off, CODE:TS 10 ;Buy 3 get 3nd at 15% off ,CODE:TS 15)

$10.90 $26.90


  • Natural Earwax Removing Candles can safely remove earwax at home with excellent
  • results in just a few minutes
  • Safe, natural, and non-toxic - Natural ingredients make for a clean, consistent and slow burning flame with very little ash or debris
  • Handmade from highest quality beeswax and unbleached premium cotton - Beeswax burns with consistency and almost no smoke, unlike paraffin petroleum candles
  • Promotes relaxation and meditation - Draws out impurities and relieves head pressure and stress and promotes circulation 
Use a layer of insulation board to avoid burns.You can diy an insulation board as the picture.

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